Friday, 8 June 2012

Cottongrass stage 3

For those who are interested I copied a few informative lines from Wikipedia about the subject I was working on the last couple of weeks. Common Cottongrass (Eriophorum angustifolium/Veenpluis) is a plant from the sedge family, so even though it looks like a form of grass, technically it is not. It grows in acidic wetlands and peat bogs all over northern parts of Europe, Asia and North America. The flowering stem is 20–70 cm tall, and has three to five cotton-like inflorescences hanging from the top.
Did you know that the presence of Cottongrass is a useful indicator to hikers of potentially dangerous deep peat bogs to be avoided! Oops …

* Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 100mm/f2.8; ISO-250, f3.2, 1/500s; hand held.

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