Saturday, 2 February 2008

Mother-in-law things

Saturday morning, Carnival 2008 has just started. I do not particularly like this 4-day party event from catholic origin with its float parades. People in the south of The Netherlands wear funny cloths, and drink too much. Moreover my mother-in-law celebrates her 74-th birthday today and we were invited at 11h AM for the usual coffee, cake and lunch program.
7h30 AM, I opened the curtains of our bedroom. The ground was covered with a thin white layer, the first snow this winter. I quickly jumped out of bed (I’m always a bit excited when I see fresh snow), had a minor argument with my wife (that I really wanted to go out now), and finally promised to be back at 10h30 AM sharp.
I drove to the National Park “Groote Peel” were I could make this picture of a wintering group of Bean Geese (Anser fabalis/Rietgans), i.m.h.o. one of best pictures I ever took.
Of course you still might have one question: “Did I made it to be back on time?” Let's leave this diary episode open-ended ...

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