Saturday, 22 October 2011

Feet of floor

At the pier of IJmuiden you can always find interesting birds at this time of year. Checking out the beach revealed a few groups of foraging Sanderlings (Calidris alba/Drieteenstrandloper). This time I managed to capture the characteristic feet-of-floor shot! As you could see I could not keek-up with its speed. Later on the day I saw o.a. Red-throated Diver (Gavia stellata/Roodkeelduiker), Gannet (Sula bassana/Jan-van-Gent), Arctic Skua (Stercorarius parasiticus/Kleine Jager), Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla/Drieteenmeeuw), and Guillemot (Uria aalge/Zeekoet) around the pier.

* Canon EOS 7D with 500mm/f4 IS; ISO-400, f6.3, 1/2500s; -0.3 stop; from beanbag (in frying pan).

1 comment:

Jowan said...

Hoi Gerard, In eerste instantie zag ik nog eens niet dat de beentjes van de vloer waren. Mooi shot.

Wat bedoel je met de beanbag in de fryingpan? Was je daar een potje aan het koken ;-)