Sunday, 4 March 2012

Oulanka National Park

From 4 to 9 March I stayed at the research station of Oulanka National Park in the north of Finland (Kuusamo region). This beautiful taiga forest interspersed with frozen lakes (ice thickness over 60 cm!) and wild rivers is situated just south of the Arctic Circle not far from Russia. It is the coldest place in Finland; this week early morning temperatures dropped to -25⁰C (this winter it was even below-40⁰C). I was the guest of Olli Lamminsalo, a knowledgeable guide and very friendly person.
Life is not so ‘polished’ here, rather plain and basic; that is why I like it so much!

* Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 70-200mm/f2.8 IS II @ 200mm; ISO-250, f9, 1/125s; -0.3 stop; hand held.

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